London fireworks 2014

Happy new year! Here are a few pictures from the London Eye fireworks experience. I got there too late, but a better hour will be at least 10.30 pm, as the crowd will be huge, more than 250 000  attended the event. The bus is free from 11.45 pm to 4 am. But that means not so much, because after 12 a lot  of the public service is out of service, i could see even 3 buses one after the other out of service as no bus driver wants his vehicle being vandalised or filled with rubbish. The buses that stop, are over crowded and you have to wait a lot. But if you get a good look at the fireworks, it does worth it. Enjoy the new year!


Cateva imagini de la focurile de artificii din Londra, odata cu trecerea in noul an. O mare de oameni, peste 250 000 de spectatori practic, au iesit sa vada concertul luminilor. Va invit sa vedeti cateva imagini, nu am reusit sa ajung unde mi-am propus ca punct de statie pentru fotografii dar atat am reusit anul acesta. Pe viitor ar trebui sa fiu  acolo in jur de ora 10.30  cel tarziu, podurile find inchise (in anii trecuti sareau euforicii in apa din cate am inteles). Sper sa va placa imaginile, chiar daca sunt mai putin clasice 🙂












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